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Our unique listing of the best record shops… because it’s the details that make the amazing experiences.
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Flavour Of The Week

La Cuve À Son, Paris, France

La Cuve À Son, Paris, France

Ever mindful of the finer things in life, the French have hit upon an unbeatable combination with this one. Aiming to bring the role of the record store back to neighbourhood prominence, La Cuve À Son offers the expected wide range of genres, while handmade artwork...

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Melting Point Records, Berlin

Melting Point Records, Berlin

Melting Point is a very cool shop that specialises in disco and house music. The shop has some techno, funk, reagee and alternative music as well. There is always a big selection of 2nd hand house records available, so if you are a house/disco DJ you could find some...

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Vinyl-a-GoGo, Berlin

Vinyl-a-GoGo, Berlin

Shop inventory here tots up to around 15,000 LPs and 3,000 7-inches. The Blue Note section is simply jaw-dropping, and in few other places will you find well-stocked sections dedicated in their entirety to things like On-U Sound, Amiga, French pop 45s, Morricone and...

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The List


Clocktower Music

Clocktower Music was opened in April 2016. It’s reputation as a vinyl buyers/sellers favourite has grown fantastically fast already. It’s well-known in the South West area and is described as a gem in Bridport’s Art & Vintage Quarter. Read More…

Råkk and Rålls

Råkk & Rålls may not be much to look at from the outside, but don’t let that put you off. This Oslo store is a mecca for… Read more

The Record Store Berlin

Ask any local where they go crate-digging in Germany’s capital and, almost to a man, they will say The Record Store Berlin… Read more

Rockers International

Opened in 1979, Rockers International is the only original record shop that is still… Read more


Concerto’s wide-ranging stock (new and second-hand, pop, jazz, soul, classical, soundtracks – you name it…) and array of turntable hardware is matched by… Read more

Resident Records

Resident Records is a buzzing independent record shop in the heart of… Read more

Vinyl Villains

Proudly waving the banner for their “discerning taste in music”, Vinyl Villains sees nothing wrong in… Read more

Freebird Records

With four decades under their belt, Freebird have mastered the art of the indie record store in Ireland. Famous customers include… Read more

Mabu Vinyl

Mabu Vinyl carries a large selection of new and second hand items including LP records, 12” singles, 7” singles… Read more

Piccadilly Records

Piccadilly Records opened in 1978 and prospered in the post-punk 80s, selling a mixture of… Read more

Rough Trade East

The original Rough Trade shop opened in 1976 and spawned the beloved indie label that gave the world… Read more

Spillers Records

The self-proclaimed “oldest record store in the world”, Spillers is an institution that dates back to… Read more

The Record Deck

Bored of the usual record store atmospherics? Head east to Hackney, where one of the strangest record stores… Read more

Red Light Records

Redlight Records is a small but well stocked record store in the heart of Amsterdam’s red light district… Read more

Rubadub Records

Rubadub was established in August 1992, primarily as a way of getting the otherwise unattainable electronic music… Read more

Music And Video Exchange

The Music and Video Exchange shop is situated on the High Street in Greenwich, where they buy, sell and exchange in… Read more

Miles Discos

Miles Discos is an Argentinian institution housing everything you could think of… Read more

La Cuve À Son

Ever mindful of the finer things in life, the French have hit upon an unbeatable combination with this one… Read more

Bis Aufs Messer

Bis Aufs Messer is a small recordstore in berlin who also do mailorder, instore shows, readings and much more… Read more

Tropicália Discos

Tucked away on the second floor of a nondescript building in the bustling heart of Rio’s downtown Centro district is a 30sq metre vinyl goldmine… Read more

Pie & Vinyl

The idea of Pie & Vinyl is simple, combining the owner’s passion for music with one of England’s favourite… Read more

Melting Point Records

Melting Point is a very cool shop that specialises in disco and house music. The shop has some techno, funk, reagae and… Read more


Shop inventory here tots up to around 15,000 LPs and 3,000 7-inches. The Blue Note section is simply jaw-dropping… Read more


With over 20 years of music retail experience, the idea behind Transmission is to offer an expertly curated selection of… Read more

Waterloo Records

Waterloo Records is an independent music and video retailer in Austin, Texas, that has been an integral part of Austin’s… Read more

Wow And Flutter

Wow And Flutter is a small but perfectly formed shop in Hastings that buys and sells… Read more

Sounds Of The Universe

A favourite amongst DJs, connoisseurs, dancers and listeners alike, the shop has become an essential stop for… Read more

Hard Wax Records

Hard Wax is a record shop located in the Kreuzberg borough of Berlin, Germany. It was founded in… Read more

Honest Jons Records

Notting Hill might today be a playground for bankers and gawking movie tourists, but Honest Jon’s is a crucial bridge to… Read more

Jam Records

One of a dying breed of old fashioned record shops, Jam can be found on Falmouth’s old High st. They have… Read more


Located opposite the nourishing Burrito Boyz, Soundscapes will feed your head with music. It’s a fact that… Read more

The Book And Record Bar

For reasons not immediately forthcoming, West Norwood has been home to musicians of all stripes for some time now… Read more

Phonica Records

Phonica has been instrumental in bringing a new type of record shop to the fore. Where shops previously limited themselves to… Read more

Probe Records

Probe Records is a cult, compact music store, which was established in 1971... Read more


The Drift Record Shop is an independent Record Shop in the bucolic countryside town… Read more

Public Possession

Public Possession was founded in 2012 by Valentino Betz and Marvin Schuhmann as an outlet to channel their various… Read more

Groove Merchant

Opened by Ubiquity Records boss Michael McFadin back in 1990, Groove Merchant was originally part of… Read more

Truck Store

Truck Store is Oxford’s independent music hub, a proper record shop in the heart of the city’s music scene… Read more

Wally’s Groove World

Founded by Koenie van Immerseel back in 1997, Wally’s Groove World has held things down for DJs in the… Read more

Red Eye Records

Red Eye Records is the biggest record store in Australia – no small feat, given how vast that country is… Read more

OYE Records

Set amongst Prenzlauer Berg’s wide leafy streets, Oye Records houses a fantastic range of music… Read more

Disco 100

Family owned since 1978 and boasting over 100,000 items spanning all genres, it’s arguably the widest-ranging… Read more

Ditch Records

Ditch Records & CDs is Victoria’s largest independent record store… Read more

Hocus Pocus

This is your place for classic rock, soul and hip-hop, and the hippest local-language records too… Read more

Wax Museum Records

Quite literally an underground gem, Wax Museum is nestled away in the subway tunnel leading to… Read more

Amoeba Music

The world’s largest independent record store, Amoeba is an overwhelming place for first-time visitors… Read more

Jumbo Records

Hunter Smith established Jumbo Records in September 1971, the name and logo coming from the successfulRead more

Academy Records Annex

Academy Records’ flagship store is in Manhattan, but this Brooklyn sibling offers a less claustrophobic experience… Read more

Union Music Store

Union Music Store is the brain-child of Jamie and Stevie Freeman. As stated on their website, “We simply love the… Read more

Sweat Records


Established in 2005, Sweat is an indie music store, coffee shop and event space in Miami that counts… Read more

Records With Merritt

Along with hosting local and touring bands for weekly in-store performances, Records With Merritt sells new… Read more

Val’s Halla

Val Camilletti worked at Capitol Records from 1962 to 1967, leaving in ’67 to run a small record store in Oak Park… Read more

Mills Record Company

Four years ago, Judy Mills went into the only local record store in Kansas City and found herself “scoffed at for requesting… Read more

Permanent Records

Liz Tooley and her partner Lance Barresi opened the first branch of Permanent Records in Chicago ten years ago… Read more

Tallbird Records

After the town’s only two shops selling music (HMV and Hudson’s) closed down, leaving it without a record shop… Read more

Vintage Vinyl Morecambe

Vintage Vinyl is an unique, treasure trove of pre-loved vinyl. “We pride ourselves on delivering an honest, top-quality service… Read more

The Record Lounge

The Record Lounge is an all-vinyl shop with both new and used vinyl… Read more

Sisters of Sound

Sisters Of Sound are the only Indi Music Store in Manhattan. “We love to promote the local… Read more

Atomic Pop Shop

Baton Rouge-based record store Atomic Pop Shop bills itself as “Serious about records… Read more

Vinyl & Vintage


Vintage & Vinyl is a place where people can chat, chill, trade or shop and even launch their own… Read more

Peaches Records

Peaches Records is known as the birthplace of New Orleans hip-hop and bounce music, helping… Read more

Coda Music

Coda Music is a Folk and Scottish Music shop on The Mound in Edinburgh who’ve been around since 1997… Read more

The Diskery

Labeled as ‘The oldest record store in England’, The Diskery in Birmingham is certainly worth a visit… Read more

Muse Music

Muse Music is an independent music store established in 1997, providing a diverse choice of music… Read more

Vinyl Guru

Vinyl Guru have been around since 1996 and are regarded as one of the best record stores in Newcastle… Read more

Flake Records

Flake Records has been described as ‘Osaka’s most in-the-know music shop’… Read more

Forever Young Records

Forever Young Records is a family owned record store which has been in buisness since 1984… Read more


Grimey’s New & Preloved Music is Nashville’s premier independent record store. They have a great… Read more

Keltainen Jäänsärkijä

For over 25 years, Keltainen Jäänsärkijä have been somewhat of a goldmine for Finnish crate diggers… Read more

Love Music

Love Music opened in 1996 and are an old-school independant record shop specialising in rock music… Read more

Souffle Continu

Opened in 2008, Souffle Continu has quickly become one of the top record shops in the district… Read more

Discos Paradiso

Opened in April 2010 and located right in the centre of Raval Barcelona, Discos Paradiso is a fantastic… Read more

El Almacén de Discos

Knowledgable staff and an excelent music collection, El Almacén de Discos is everything you’d hope for… Read more

The R.A.G.E

The R.A.G.E or Record Art Game Emporium is a record shop and retro video game store situated on… Read more

Trading Post

Trading Post opened in 1977 and is Gloucestershire’s longest established independent record shop… Read more

The Jazzhole

Jazzhole, an offspring of Glendora Books is an urban music store following in the tradition of record shops across North America… Read more

Record House

Record House is a very cool little record store in Nea Smirni, Greece. They have a varied collection of vinyl and CDs… Read more

Ernest Tubb

The Ernest Tubb record store in Nashville was founded, as the name suggests, by the legendary Ernest Tubb himself… Read more

Soul Brother Records

Starting life as a mail-order business back in the 90s, Soul Brother Records have grown steadilly over the years into a thriving retailer… Read more

Black Gold Records

This cozy shop with a vintage vibe offers records across a variety of genres plus coffeeRead more

ZudRangMa Records

If you’ve got any Thai records in your collection, the chances are they’ve passed through ZudRangMa. This place has a fine… Read more

Curated Records

As its name would suggest, Curated Records offers a carefully picked selection of new and used records running… Read more

Our Criteria

These are the amazing criteria we use for our reviews. The more reviews you check out the happier you’ll be, so keep on looking and get your happy on!

  • SOCIABILITY – Outstanding social media reviews, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff providing an excellent service, sponsorship of local community events, in-store live music, championing local musicians.
  • PHILOSOPHY – Emphasis on vinyl records but also variety in stock; cassettes, CDs, DVDs, books, posters, T-shirts and other merchandise and products for sale including hi-fi. Listening posts on decks, CDs, cassettes. Items priced to sell and a fresh, changing stock to make every visit an adventure.
  • ECLECTICISM – A broad, diverse choice of music available, embracing all genres of music including rock, jazz, folk, world, reggae, dance, classical, soundtracks, etc. Inspires you to expand your musical horizons.
  • VISIONAL COOLNESS – Interesting, music-related items to see and explore, plenty of relaxed seating, tea, coffee, food, toilets, parking, free wi-fi. All those things which just make you want to stay for hours and explore.
  • UNICORNS – Awesomeness, a magical, fun place to visit and hang out, you want to visit it as often as possible. Those rare little extras that make the shop so special – juke box, pinball machines, recording studio, a shop that appeals to even the non-music buyers as a must-see because it’s just so unique.

Be sure to come back each and every week to see how the chart has changed. Thanks for visiting!

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